REGISTRATION FOR FMBB 2023 – Bikejöring (for countries without team)

Basic rules and numbers

One team per country is allowed to be registered. Individual registration is possible if the country decides not to send a team.
A handler and/or dog is not allowed to participate in more then one sport.
A handler can participate with one dog in Bikejöring.

Bikejöring: no limitation in numbers of competitors.
Detailed regulations for all sports can be found here.

Registration fee
Bikejöring 60,- EUR


If you have any questions about the registration process, plase contact us here:

FMBB World Championship Bikejoring (individual registration)

Information about the dog

Here the Pedigree name is asked. No Nicknames please!
Please add the second number if the dog was imported from another country. Example: NHSB 125987/LOSH 123456
Please use the personal name here, not the kennel name!

Information about the handler and team

Enter here the club you are member in.

Upload files

It helps us a lot if the files you will upload are prepared properly. If you have the possibility please upload all pages of pedigree in one PDF.

Maximum file size for upload is 10 MB
If you are not able to manage to upload the files here, please contact us at

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
Please! Most appreciated is the pedigree in PDF format! We need all pages!
Terms of participating

By entering the competition, personal registration data and the data oft he dog will be transferred to Club pentru pasionatii de Ciobănești Belgieni și Olandezi (CCBOR) and processed for the use in starting and result list, event catalog, event website and event Facebook site. In case of refusal, a participation is not possible.
I agree that all data can be used for the cases described.
The event will be live streamed, filmed and photos will be made. The videos and photos will be published after the event on Youtube and  Facebook. Photos will be published also by photographers in the media they are working for.
I agree that video recordings and photos will be made during the event.

I declare also:

The dog has a valid rabies vaccination.
>Liability insurance is available for the entered dog.
>For damage caused by this dog, owner and handler will  take over the liability.
I indemnify the CCBOR against claims for damages from third parties if these are caused by this dog.

>In case of doping control: handler/owner agree samples (A and B) for doping control.
>In case of female: the last litter was minimum 3 month ago / the female is not pregnant.
>All information given here are true.
>Handler/owner/team leader hereby accept the rules and the decision of the judges and the organizer.
>Handler/owner/team leader are aware that they can revoke this declaration at any time and request the deletion of personal data and that they must contact the CCBOR for this.